Personnel Qualification

Personnel qualification is the main column in the IRP-concept. It includes practical trainings and education especially for site personnel with aim to improve quality of application and increase of life expectancy of repaired constructions. Participants of IRP-seminars will be trained in two units (IRP I and IRP II) with each taking a week to complete. Both courses will offer a perfect mix of theoretical and practiced trainings.

Following topics will be covered

  • Basics
  • Joints
  • Concrete damages
  • Substrate preparation
  • Injection
  • Concrete repair
  • Surface protection / coatings
  • Structural strengthening

Both units, IRP I and IRP II will be completed by taking a final examination. The IRP certification will only be issued after the successful completion of this examination.

The certificate is valid for three years. After that a recertification consisting of two days training with a written test is necessary to keep the IRP certificate valid for another three years.

Infografic about the IRP column model.